With over 273 million in sales in 2019 and 16 years of real estate experience, We at Huntington & Ellis have successfully established ourselves as a top sales force in the Las Vegas Market. We do not wait for buyers to come to us; we pro-actively research and identify potential candidates suited for each of our listings. At Huntington & Ellis we are committed to offering a personalized service focusing on the unique needs of our clientele.

The Huntley can often be spotted in unique neighborhoods of Las Vegas such as, Scotch 80’s, Rancho Nevada, Rancho Bel Air, Rancho Circle, Pinto/Palmino, Mcneil Estates! 

Our Clients have Used These Words to Describe Our Service, “Knowledgeable and Very Service Oriented,” “Smart Negotiator and a Fantastic Marketer,” “Calming Influence in the Rockiest Negotiation and the Most Complicated Escrow,” “Dedicated,” “Amazing Professionalism, Beautiful Heart, and Overall Class.”